Office Bearer Elections

In recent years we have not received many nominations ahead of Conference for new office bearers. We would be grateful if your LDC could consider putting nomination(s) forward in order to assist with Conference administration.

Nominations should be submitted by Friday 3 March 2023 by completing the form below. Nominations can also be accepted from the floor on the day of the conference.

Available Positions

Chair Elect of Conference of Scottish LDCs

One member of CAC required for 2 years, 2023-2025.

Supports and shadows the current Chair for two years until they are inducted as Chair. Has a seat on SDPC. Voting member of CAC.

• Results: Hazel Hannigan (Lanarkshire LDC)

Members of the Conference Agenda Committee (CAC)

Three members of CAC required for 1 year, 2023-2024.

Members of CAC are involved in the planning of the Conference of Scottish LDCs. Members are expected to take on various roles and responsibilities such as: overseeing the Lifetime Achievement Award nominations, liaising and booking sponsors, arranging for Continuing Professional Development accreditation and inviting Vocational Dental Practitioners.

These members have the right to vote on CAC committee matters.

• Results: Paul MacDonald (Lanarkshire LDC), Helen Dennison (Greater Glasgow & Clyde LDC) and Anita Belbin (Greater Glasgow & Clyde LDC)

Representative to the Scottish Dental Practice Committee (SDPC)

One member of SDPC required for 1 year, 2023-2024.

Subject to the authority of the Principal Executive Committee, the Scottish Dental Practice Committee represents all non-salaried general dental practitioners in Scotland practising in the NHS and/or privately; to negotiate with NHS Boards, and the Scottish Government Directorate for Population Health and other appropriate bodies on matters relating to the delivery and remuneration of dental services provided by non-salaried general dental practitioners, including orthodontists and assistants, working in Scotland; and to liaise with the General Dental Practice Committee and Scottish Council.

This is a voting seat on SDPC.

• Results: Helen Dennison (Greater Glasgow & Clyde LDC) 

Representatives to the Board of Management of the Scottish Dental Fund (SDF)

Two members of the SDF required for 3 years, 2023-2026

The Scottish Dental Fund is a fund made up from contributions levied from Local Dental Committees. The SDF is used to compensate both General and Specialist Dental Practitioners for remunerative time lost when acting on behalf of their colleagues at authorised meetings, for example on behalf of SDPC or when negotiating with the Scottish Government. It is also used to pay an honorarium to the Chair and Vice-Chair of SDPC, as ratified each year at the SLDC Conference.

The Board of Management is responsible for the administration and management of the fund.

• Results: Jim Law and Tony Coia (retired LDC members)

Auditors of Conference

Two Auditors of Conference required for 1 year, 2023-2024.

The Treasurer will arrange for the two Auditors of Conference to sign off the Conference accounts on an annual basis. Conference financial year ends on 31 August. The Treasurer aims to be organised with the accounts before the end of the year and will chase any outstanding issues before then. The Conference accounts are not confidential.

When all paperwork is in order the Treasurer will email the first draft of the accounts to the Auditors. The Auditors may revert to the Treasurer with a couple of questions, a meeting is then arranged in order to sign off the accounts. The meeting takes place in Glasgow, usually over lunch and is held annually in November. There is no other obligation until the following August / September.

• Results: Gordon Stewart and Robert Sweeney (retired LDC members)