Conference Agenda Committee (CAC) 2021-22

CAC is made up of the following members

Chair of Conference – Voting member of CAC. Holds office for two years, chairing two annual Conferences and installing the successor at the end of the second Conference. Has a seat on the Scottish Dental Practice Committee.

Immediate Past Chair of Conference – Voting member of CAC. Once their two years has been served as Chair, this member remains on the committee for a further two years to offer guidance and support to the new Chair. Has a seat on the Scottish Dental Fund.

Chair Elect of Conference – Voting member of CAC. Supports and shadows the current Chair for two years until they are inducted as Chair. Has a seat on the Scottish Dental.

Practice Committee
Treasurer – Voting member of CAC. Has responsibility for the Conference funds and accounts. Provides an update on the accounts at the Conference each year.
Two LDC representatives – Voting members of CAC. Two representatives from LDCs nominated and voted onto the committee at the Conference each year.
The Chair of the BDA Scottish Dental Practice Committee – Non-voting member of CAC. Provides updates on policy issues and work of the Scottish Dental Practice Committee (SDPC).

BDA Policy Adviser/Conference Secretary – External/non-voting member of the committee. Provides administrative support and facilitates the overall organisation of the Conference.

Lindsay Milton

Chair: Lindsay Milton

Lindsay Milton is practice owner and principal of an NHS practice in the south side of Glasgow. He a VT Trainer currently in his 16th year of training and a Practice Inspector for Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.  He has been a member of Greater Glasgow and Clyde Local Dental Committee since 2014 and is currently Chair of the Conference of Scottish LDC’s.  He also undertakes a variety of roles for the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses.

christina ferry

Chair Elect: Christina Ferry

Christina Ferry qualified from Glasgow Dental Hospital in 2008 and is the owner of a busy mixed NHS/Private practice in Lanarkshire. She is currently Chair Elect of the Conference Agenda Committee having been elected at the 2021 conference. She is Vice Chair of Lanarkshire Local Dental Committee & GP Subcommittee having joined in 2014. She also stands on Lanarkshire Area Dental Advisory Committee; Lanarkshire Quality Improvement Committee and has been involved in setting up the Lanarkshire Oral Surgery Study group.

Liz Glass

Treasurer: Liz Glass

Elizabeth Glass, known as Liz, qualified from the University of Glasgow in 1986. She has been a committee member of Greater Glasgow and Clyde Local Dental Committee since the late 1980s and has attended all Scottish LDC Conferences since their inception in 1999 following Devolution. Liz chaired Scottish LDC conference in 2008 and 2009 and has served as Treasurer since 2011, taking over from Frank Angell on his retirement from dental politics. In 2020 she modernised the operation of the Conference bank account, moving to online banking, with the facility for all payments to be counter-authorised by Chair or Chair-Elected, as laid down in standing orders.

Judith Brady

Past Chair: Judith Brady

Judith Brady graduated from Queen's University Belfast in 2007 and works as an associate in a busy NHS practice in Glasgow's southside. She has been a member of the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Local Dental Committee since 2014 and has served on the Area Dental Committee and SDPC Executive committee. She was Chair of Scottish Conference of LDCs 2020 and 2021.

Stewart Robertson square

Stewart Robertson

Stewart qualified from Glasgow University in 2015 and works as an associate in a busy NHS practice in Lanarkshire. He has been a member of the Lanarkshire Local Dental Committee since 2017.

Elaine Winter

Elaine Winter

David McColl

David McColl, SDPC Chair

David McColl is the Chair of the Scottish Dental Practice Committee, committee member of the Area Dental Committee of Greater Glasgow and Clyde LDC and Vice Chair of the GP Subcommittee of GG&C Local Dental Committee. He is also the Scottish rep on the BDA Pensions Committee and is a board member of the NHS (Scotland) Pension Board. He is a practice owner and runs a busy NHS practice in Govanhill in Glasgow.

Kirsten Phillips

BDA Policy Adviser and Conference Secretary: Kirsten Phillips

Kirsten Phillips is a qualified Dental Therapist, graduating from the University of Edinburgh in 2013 with a BSc in Oral Health Sciences. She is a Policy Adviser for BDA Scotland and Conference Secretary, responsible for the overall planning, co-ordination and management of the annual Conference of Scottish LDCs.

What do CAC members do?

Members of CAC organise the Conference as well as run the event on the day. Each member has a different role and is allocated specific responsibilities.
Members of CAC give up their free time, usually in the evenings, to attend approximately four meetings per year to organise the Conference (frequency of meetings increases in the period running up to the Conference).
Recently, CAC also organised their first online webinar called ‘Scottish Dentistry – where next?’ which hosted speakers including the Chief Dental Officer and representatives from PSD.

How do I become part of CAC?

  • Each year nomination forms are submitted to each LDC requesting CAC member nominations.
  • Any nominations are then submitted to the Conference Secretary and voted on at Conference.