Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Conference Agenda Committee (CAC) would like LDCs to consider eligibility of any LDC committee member deserving of a Lifetime Achievement award. CAC ask you to consider those stalwarts who have given years of faithful service to their LDCs and dentistry, and who are always ready to take on duties on other sub-committees to do their utmost for their fellow GDPs. These LDC members often retire after a 35 year plus service, with little more than a thank-you at the end.

Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria for the Lifetime Achievement award applies to both active and retired individuals who have served on an LDC and other sub-committees and have been retired for no more than three years or three years since retiring from active dental involvement i.e., no longer practicing but serving on say Scottish Dental Fund (SDF) would count as working years.

CAC will make the decision as to who will receive the award and has also agreed that an award may go to more than one deserving individual. The award will be presented to the successful nominee(s) during the Pre-Conference dinner on Thursday 18 April 2024. Should the nominee(s) be unable to attend Conference the award can be accepted by a member of their LDC on their behalf.

In order for CAC to consider the individual(s) nominated by the LDC to receive a Local Dental Committee Lifetime Achievement award we would be grateful if the following Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination Form could be completed in as much detail as possible to aid consideration.

Please note that success in receiving an award is strongly based upon the information provided in the nomination form. An award is not guaranteed; therefore, the CAC would be grateful if you could relay this to the individual if they are aware of their nomination, in order to avoid any disappointment. Notification of whether a nomination is successful or not, will be made in writing to the proposing LDC Secretary.

All nomination forms must be submitted no later than Friday 26 January 2024.

Should you have any specific queries about a Lifetime Achievement Award, please contact Conference Secretary

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