Motion 14: Dental Hygienist Training

This Conference proposes that the Scottish Dental Schools reintroduce the training of Dental Hygienists. [Fife LDC]

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  1. Edward Coote on 16 April 2021 at 9:38 pm

    It is extremely sad to hear of the poor levels of employment and even more so to hear of the loss to the profession of some many skilled individuals. This is in my opinion a demonstration of a really poor level of joined up thinking. With the majority of dental practices in Scotland tied up with the NHS (to greater/less extent) the incorporation of the therapist into this business model needed to be better thought through! Complications would no doubt arise that the hygienist is often only available privately, would the therapist be the same? Or was the idea that the therapist became the NHS provider of direct restorations and the dentists all became private?
    I suspect we need to have a proper (open) conversation about the whole structure of the profession. Is the answer to vote for a simpler hygienist pathway?

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