Motion 23: GDS funding 21/22

Given the recent manifest pledge by the SNP to abolish patient charges for NHS treatment without prior consultation with the profession, this conference demands a clear and unambiguous guarantee that Scottish Government will put £431m into GDS 21/22 [Greater Glasgow and Clyde ]

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  1. Gordon Stewart on 22 April 2021 at 11:22 pm

    My fear is that SG offer everyone free treatment but are controlling all the purse strings and therefore can control all the work we can do on the health service and how much they will pay for that treatment and if we don’t play ball it will be the “greedy” dentists who are to blame and meantime we have to keep finding ways to keep NHS treatment viable in our practices by keeping costs as low as possible (Drive to the bottom).
    Or am I wrong and we are moving to NHS dental paradise with an SNP gov. which is going to pay us fully for all the treatment that our patients require at the costs that are appropriate. History says otherwise.
    This “free treatment “ has to be fully funded.

    Gordon Stewart, LDC Lanarkshire

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